Speech & Language Therapy

Many young people at Lansbury Bridge need additional help and support to develop their speech, language and communication skills. Every adult who works at Lansbury has a role to play in supporting those with speech, language and communication needs in reaching their full potential. We aim to provide our young people, staff and parents with the advice, support and expertise they need to ensure that each young person is communicating as effectively as possible in all areas of their life.

Lansbury Bridge employs a full time Speech and Language Therapist to work alongside NHS provision of speech therapy. The school’s Speech Therapist works with pupils who need additional support and expertise to enhance their speech, language and communication skills. This is provided in a range of ways tailored to meet each young person’s individual level of need.

This can include assessments, direct and indirect therapy, one-to-one or group sessions in class or in our therapy room, support and advice for class staff and parents, and training to ensure that each adult working with a young person feels confident in how they are supporting them.

The Speech Therapist runs a range of therapy groups in school to support pupils with their speech, language and communication development. These groups include phonology groups for pupils with speech sound difficulties, language groups, social communication groups and hearing and communication groups.

The Speech Therapist at Lansbury Bridge also works closely with the school Communication Support Assistant and AAC team (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) in helping to support young people with complex communication needs who use alternative or assistive forms of communication. This includes using low tech forms of communication such as PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System); a form of communication based around symbol exchanges, and hi tech forms of communication such as Apps on iPads or tablets.

The school uses a total communication approach which encourages staff to communicate with our young people in the best ways that are accessible to them. This includes using body language and gesture, objects, photographs, symbols, signs, speech etc. This ensures that our pupils are able to access the curriculum and their school experience as fully as possible.

If you have any questions or would like further information on speech and language therapy at Lansbury Bridge, please feel free to contact Niki Ryan – Speech Therapist on 01744 678579.

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